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Silver Birch Class Home Learning - Spring term 2021

Friday 15th

Home Learning Overview - 15th Jan 


Your SPaG starter is to explore expanded noun phrases.

Your main lesson is to write the diet paragraph of a non-chronological report.



Equivalent-fractions-Answer Sheet

Equivalent-Fractions- Powerpoint

Equivalent-Fractions- Varied Fluency Questions

Equivalent-Fractions- Reasoning and Problem-solving Questions


Your lesson focus is images in the media.

Guided Reading



Thursday 14th January

Home Learning Overview - 14th Jan


Your SPaG starter is to explore word class.

Your main lesson is learning about tigers' diet and habitat.



What-is-a-fraction-Answer Sheet


Equivalent-fractions-1-Answer Sheet

Remember to also have a look at the mental maths tasks in the table at the bottom of the overview sheet!


 Your task is to investigate words with Greek etymology.

Guided Reading

Who-Let-The-Gods-Out-Chapter Two Questions

In Depth Book Review Sheet



Wednesday 13th January

Home Learning Overview - 13th Jan


Your SPaG starter is developing your knowledge of relative clauses.

 Your main task is editing a non-chronological report.



Divide-with-remainders-Answer Sheet

Divide-With-Remainders- Powerpoint

Divide-With-Remainders- Varied Fluency Questions

Divide-With-Remainders- Reasoning and Problem-solving Questions


Your lesson is: What is sustainability?

Reading for Pleasure

Your lesson is: developing reading for pleasure.

Guided Reading

Who Let the Gods Out? - Chapter 2



Tuesday 12th January

Home Learning Overview Sheet - 12th Jan


Your SPaG starter is on exploring relative clauses.

Your main lesson is to write the appearance paragraph of a non-chronological report.



Divide-4-digits-by-1-digit-Answer Sheet


Divide-4-Digits-by-1-Digit- Classroom secrets Powerpoint

Divide-4-Digits-by-1-Digit- Varied Fluency Questions

Divide-4-Digits-by-1-Digit- Reasoning and Problem Solving Questions


Your science lesson is on: solar and lunar eclipses.


Your R.E lesson is on: Who was Jesus?

Guided Reading Afternoon Session Resources:

Group 1 (2 booklets):

Legs Race Answer Booklet - Group 1

Feet First Answer Booklet - Group 1


Group 2-4:

Footprints in Space Answer Booklet


Please make sure you are able to see a copy of the answer booklet for the session, preferably printed off.

You will also need a pen and paper to make notes and annotations.


Monday 11th January

Home Learning Overview - 11th January


Your SPaG starter is to practise using formal conjunctions.

Your main lesson is to write the opening paragraph of your non-chronological report.


Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-Worksheet 1

Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-Worksheet 2

Divide-3-digits-by-1-digit-Worksheet 3


Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-1-Answer Sheet 1

Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit- Answer Sheet 2

Divide-3-digits-by-1-digit-Answer Sheet 3


My own workout


Artist Study Worksheet

Reading Questions

Reading Questions and Discussions

Mental Maths

Try subtracting decimals on the iXL website


General information and uploads

Who Let the Gods Out? - Chapter 1 from book

Chapter 1 Questions - to be completed over the week as specified


Submitted work via teams - 3 pieces a week, consisting of 1 literacy and 2 maths tasks. 

I will clearly specify which pieces of work are to be uploaded on the daily overview sheet and you will also find further instructions on the teams assignment - this is where the work needs to be submitted.

Spellings to continue as normal - uploaded onto teams on a Thursday and submitted as homework on a Wednesday, written in sentences. Testing to take place at home.