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Safe travel and parking


We are a busy school and it is important that our entire community plays a part in ensuring safe travel and parking in our local area. When members of our school community park their cars along restricted sections of Oakshade Road, it leads to unrest amongst parents and local residents, as well as reducing safety and setting a bad example for our children.

If you have to drive to school in the mornings or afternoons, please remember that there are parking restrictions along Oakshade Road which clearly state you should not be parking in the areas with single yellow lines between 8am - 6pm (and double yellow lines at any time!). It does not matter that you are just entering the school site just briefly to drop off/ collect your child, or that it is raining and you wish to be closer to the school; the restrictions still apply to you. Choosing to park here and ignore the restrictions makes travelling outside the school more difficult, and more importantly, also makes the area more dangerous for those walking along pavements and crossing the road. All children must be brought to and from school, and no parents have more rights to park closer to our gates than others. It is crucial that all of our community park considerately, and legally, so that we can all be safe.

We would always encourage you to park further away from the school, i.e. on less crowded roads with no restrictions, and walk in. 

Where can I park?

Here is an interactive Elmbridge parking restrictions map which you can look at to find out if a road has restrictions or not.

You can park:

  • Using the larger car park at Oxshott Village Sports Club (lots more spaces, and there is further parking near the club itself, not just on the approach)
  • Using the small car park at St Andrew's Church (places are very limited)
  • In places without restrictions, especially roads further away from the school, so that you can 'park and walk'

You should not park:

  • On any single or double yellow lines
  • Across anyone's driveway
  • On the Zig Zag lines outside the school

Thank you to those who adhere to the restrictions, and help make travelling to school safer for our pupils!