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Communication between school and parents

The framework for communication between home and school is out Home-school agreement, which has been in place for many years. It is a requirement of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998. It explains the school’s aims and values, the school’s responsibilities towards the children, the responsibilities of parents, and what the school expects of the children. We ask parents to sign this agreement when their child starts at our school, and where possible, for the children to sign it too. The agreement covers the standard of education in our school, the ethos of the school, and our expectations regarding attendance, behaviour and homework.

Regarding communication, our Home-School agreement states that the school should:

  •  Work in partnership with parents and maintain good communication using a variety of methods

 It also states that parents should:

  •  Make the school aware of any change in circumstances or concerns that might affect my/our child’s learning, behaviour or ability to do homework and let us know if there is any aspect that you need support with
  • Always communicate with the school appropriately and politely

Further information about communication between school and parents/ carers can be found in our communication policy

We also have a 'What to do if...' sheet which may help you with directing communication within the school.


We aim to keep parents as informed as possible about events in school through our weekly newsletter, which is emailed out each Friday and available in the 'Newsletters' section of the website too.  You can also see Below are further ways you will receive communication from the school and how you can get in touch if you would like to.

School Office

Our School Office is staffed between 8.3am – 3.30pm each day. If you call outside of these times your call may not be answered. If you child is absent you can leave a voicemail (option 1) or send an email to the office (not the class teacher), stating the reason for absence, which will be picked up in the morning (

 Parent emails

As a means of reaching everyone quickly and reducing the paper mountain, the office primarily use an online messaging service which enables us to send letters and messages directly to you via email or text message. Please ensure that we are added to your safe list so that our messages do not end up in a junk folder.

Contacting the class teacher

Class teachers pick up their classes in the morning from the playground and bring them into the playground at the end of the day, meaning that if you bring/ collect your child, you can catch them for a quick chat. If you would like a longer appointment, you can attend their weekly ‘staff surgery’ or make an appointment for a different time with them (see below). Sometimes it can be hard to get to school to meet so you can also email the teacher or make an appointment for a telephone consultation with them. Communication between home and school is vital!

Weekly staff surgeries

Please feel free to come and see your child’s class teacher about any aspect of school or your child’s learning. Each teacher has weekly staff surgeries which you can turn up to, to discuss a matter with the teacher. You will be notified of when your teacher’s staff surgery time is in the welcome letter at the beginning of the year/ term.

 Making appointments (face to face/ email/ telephone) with class teachers

If you are unable to make the weekly surgery and would like to speak to your child’s class teacher, please contact them directly or via the office to make a mutually convenient appointment. If you are unable to get to the school, then you can make a telephone appointment, when the teacher can call you at a convenient time to talk about your issue. Class teachers check their emails regularly and you will be given your child’s teacher’s email address, should you wish to contact them using this method.


Online information and social media

You can join us on Twitter (@RoyalKentSchool) or Facebook (Royal Kent School, Oxshott) to find out more about what is happening in the school from day to day.

Parent Evenings/Reports

We hold parents’ evenings in the second half of the autumn and spring terms to discuss each child's progress and developing interests at home and school.  You will also receive a written report about your child’s learning and progress towards the end of the summer term. In the summer term following the written report, you are invited to come and look at your children’s books with them/ the teacher to help illustrate the progress they have made.

Class Representatives

At RKS we have a Class Rep system, with two class reps per class. The purpose of this is:

  • To foster a sense of class & school-wide community amongst parents
  • To assist communication between school & home (i.e. draw attention to school notices, special days, events)
  • To encourage and enhance appropriate parental support and involvement in school life (eg. PTA events, fundraising initiatives, classroom help)

Concerns/ complaints

If you have a concern/ complaint we would encourage you to discuss it with the school at an early stage so that problems or worries do not fester. Most concerns or potential complaints are best settled by a discussion with the class teacher or another a member of staff before reaching the complaint stage.

For further information on concerns/ complaints please click here so that you are clear about the correct procedures to follow in raising your concern.

Appropriate communication

We encourage positive communication between home and school, and therefore request that parents remain calm and polite when discussing matters with members of staff. Aggression or rudeness to our staff will not be tolerated and you may be asked to discuss the matter at another time if this becomes an issue. In addition, communication should take place at an appropriate time, for example - once the teacher has taken in the class and started lessons or the school day has started, it  will not be possible this and we would ask that you contact the office instead to make an alternative appointment.