The Royal Kent School

A Church of England Primary School

The Royal Kent School, Oakshade Road, Oxshott, Surrey KT22 0LE

01372 842495

Our Vision

We aim to provide a supportive and caring environment, where children are empowered to become confident, happy learners and who achieve their very best - academically, socially and in readiness for later life, by:

Ensuring that our core Virtues of Wisdom, Dignity, Hope and Community serve as a framework for all that we do  

Providing consistent and high quality teaching and learning, with an enriched curriculum and a strong, engaged leadership team

Respecting and maintaining our unique ‘family/community’ culture, whilst making the most of our special location at the heart of thriving Oxshott

Embracing the positive influence of St Andrew’s Church and valuing the unique talents and gifts of each child, made in the image of God

Providing access to a diverse range of opportunities both within and beyond the school day

 Continuously investing in and improving our school resources for the benefit of pupils, parents and the wider community

Encouraging parents, governors and St Andrew's Church to work in partnership to actively create and support the vision, values and aims of The Royal Kent School

The Royal Kent Church of England Primary School 

Wisdom - Dignity - Hope - Community

 Learning for Life