The Royal Kent School

A Church of England Primary School

Oakshade Road, Oxshott, Surrey KT22 0LE

01372 842495

Over spring & summer 2016 we reviewed with parents, teachers, pupils and Governors what was good about our school and what could be improved over the next 3-5 years.

Reassuringly there was a lot of agreement and we arrived at a revised Vision statement for our school. This recognises and reflects what is good about RKS and what we should continue to focus on.

Our Vision

We aim to provide a supportive and caring environment, where children are empowered to become confident, happy learners and who achieve their very best - academically, socially and in readiness for later life, by:

  • Ensuring that our core Virtues of Wisdom, Dignity, Hope and Community serve as a framework for all that we do
  • Providing consistent and high quality teaching and learning, with an enriched curriculum and a strong,     engaged leadership team

  • Respecting and maintaining our unique ‘family/community’ culture, whilst making the most of our special location at the heart of thriving Oxshott

  • Embracing the positive influence of St Andrew’s Church and valuing the unique talents and gifts of each child, made in the image of God

  • Providing access to a diverse range of opportunities both within and beyond the school day

  •  Continuously investing in and improving our school resources for the benefit of pupils, parents and the wider community

  • Helping parents & pupils to understand and navigate the available pathway options for secondary  education

  • Encouraging parents, governors and St Andrews’ Church to work in partnership to actively create and support the vision, values and aims of The Royal Kent School

The Royal Kent C of E Primary School 

Wisdom - Dignity - Hope - Community

 Learning for Life