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Keeping your child safe, happy and healthy


Please find below information relating to a number of important aspects of keeping your child safe, happy and healthy at The Royal Kent School. 


Behaviour and bullying

We believe that positive pupil behaviour is most likely to be achieved when children are valued as individuals and given opportunities to take responsibility for their behaviour during all aspects of school life. As a Church of England School our views on behaviour are underpinned by the Christian tradition. Our emphasis is on providing a clear framework for positive behaviour with encouragement, praise and reward, together with sanctions if children choose to behave inappropriately. By praising and rewarding positive behaviour, children are motivated to behave well and others are encouraged to act similarly.

It is important to remember that not all unkind behaviours are part of bullying. Primary school aged pupils are invariably learning about relationships and acceptable behavior; it is important to remember it can be quite common to see issues in children such as:

  • Arguing and conflict
  • Feeling left out or leaving others out
  • Not getting on very well with particular peers
  • Making others play games in a certain way
  • Isolated acts of harassment, aggressive behaviour, intimidation, or meanness
  • Expression of unpleasant thoughts or feelings regarding others 

Remember that children are still learning how emotions work and how to get along with others. They need parents, teachers and other adults to show them how to be kinder, how to resolve conflicts, how to be inclusive and how to grow into responsible adults.

If you have concerns about behaviour or bullying, please do talk to the class teacher as soon as possible. Please remember that when the school is communicating with parents, we are only able to discuss their own child/ren. It is not appropriate to discuss in detail the provision, behaviour or consequences relating to other children, even if your child has been involved in a behavioural incident with another child.



Headlice is an on-going annoyance in all schools.  If we discover that your child has headlice you will be contacted so that you can treat your child. The most current information is available from your pharmacist. If you discover that your child has headlice, please let us know so that we can inform other parents in the class.


Hot weather

Children should bring a wide-brimmed hat to school in sunny weather.

Parents should ensure that children apply a long lasting suncream before they come to school. We are happy for children to bring in small bottles of suncream for reapplication (not first application of the day) at lunchtime. Parents should help their child to practise applying this at home, and may wish to send in a rollerball applicator bottle, as these can be easier for children to manage. From Year 1 upwards, unless there are exceptional circumstances, children are expected manage their use of sunscreen independently, without staff supervision.  

Children in the Nursery: Children should bring in their own bottle of suncream if parents would like it to be reapplied. Staff will help the child to put sunscreen on their skin and encourage them to rub it in themselves where possible. If staff need to help children to apply cream, they will apply to face, neck, arms only, and will only do so if another member of staff is present.  

Children in Reception: Children should bring in their own bottle of suncream if parents would like it to be reapplied. In agreement with parents, staff will supervise a child putting sunscreen on their skin and encourage them to rub it in themselves. 

Please note - the school does not keep a central supply of suncream. 

In extremely hot weather, school activities will be modified to help us manage the heat.



Although we are not able to enforce immunisations as a condition of school entry, the Governors of The Royal Kent School believe that all children who can receive vaccinations should do so, in order to protect those who cannot, and create a safer environment for all in their class, school and local community. This follows the advice of Public Health England, which the school supports.

As well as receiving routine childhood immunisations, the children of The Royal Kent School are offered the flu vaccine each winter. The school urge parents to consent to this and the children will also be spoken to about the importance of having the vaccine in an assembly too.

Please ensure that your child is up to date with their immunisations and contact your GP if they are not.



Necklaces and bracelets should not be worn at school. If your child has pierced ears, he/she may only wear small studs. All earrings must be removed for P.E days; it is not appropriate for them to be covered. If your child is having their ears pierced, please do this during the summer break so that the piercing has healed and your child does not miss P.E. Children should be able to take out and put back in earrings themselves; staff will not do this for them.

Watches must also be removed for PE.

Children should not wear watches which receive notifications to school; all notifications should be disabled. We do not permit Apple watches to be worn as these are too valuable. 


Life Skills (also known as Personal, Social, Health Education) and Relationships & Sex (RSE) Education

The overall aim of Life Skills and RSE is to help pupils cope with the physical and emotional challenges of growing up in a positive way. Life Skills features in activities across the curriculum as well as in discrete sessions. The topic of RSE is taught as an integral part of the Health programme at the school and is generally taught in the summer term. Aspects covered are designed to develop not only knowledge but also attitudes and values consistent with responsible decision making. Parents have a right to withdraw their children from RSEm apart from aspects which must be covered within the science National Curriculum. If videos are to be used for RSE, parents are invited to view these if they would like to, before they are shown to pupils.


Medicines in School

Non-prescription medicines: We do not take responsibility for these and will not administer them. Non-prescription medicines should not be sent to school.

For prescription medicines: In most circumstances the dosage can be arranged so that administration is not required during school hours. However, if a medicine is prescribed to be taken four times a day, we will administer the lunchtime dosage, providing an 'Administration of Medicines Form' is completed. These are available in the School Office and from the downloadable forms section of the website. If the school agrees to administer the medicine, it should be brought directly in to the office by a parent and not kept in children’s school bags.


Medical information and care plans

When your child begins our school, we will ask you to complete a medical form for our records giving details about your child's health and your doctor's name and address. It is important that this information is updated when necessary by the parent/carer.

Children with allergies which need treatment with an Epipen, or another specific medical need, should meet with the office staff to draw up a care plan.  It is important to inform us of all allergies or intolerances.


Photography at school events 

Under the Data Protection Act parents may take images of their own child for their own personal use. Images may not be published on put on any public/social networking site unless prior permission has been obtained from the parent of each child involved. The whole school community must adhere to this Act.In accordance with the above and to meet our duty of care, the policy at The Royal Kent School is as follows:During school events held within the school grounds and off site (for example, at St Andrew’s Church), such as Sports Day, Christmas plays, class assemblies, church services, the school fete etc, parents/carers may take images of their own children for their own personal use as per the Data Protection Act. However, parents/carers are required to follow additional guidance in event programmes or announcements from school staff (or Church staff if at a Church Service) as to whether photography and videoing are permitted for that particular event. 

  • Photographs and video captured at school events by parents/carers are for personal use only and should not be sold or distributed via any other means. 
  • Photographs and video from school events which include other children than their own, should not be posted online by parents/ carers through any social media network such as Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp or Instagram nor any other website, unless they have the explicit permission of the parents of all children in the photo. While RKS recognises the internet is an easy way to share treasured moments with family and friends we must ensure that we protect and safeguard all children and staff, many of whom do not want their photograph shared online. For others, doing so may compromise their safety. Parents/carers may not always know who these people are and RKS requires everyone’s support to protect the whole community. 
  • Members of RKS staff are able to challenge any person using photographic/video equipment at a school event who they do not recognise or where they do not know that person’s connection to pupils. The member of staff also reserves the right to ask the person to stop taking photographs/video if this cannot be established and to ask them to leave if they do not comply with this request. 
  • Parents/carers should only take photographs/video in the designated areas as set out by the school.  



School Nurse

The School Health Team (part of Central Surrey Health – CSH) undertakes checks of your child throughout their school life. There is s screening of height, weight, vision and hearing in the Reception year and in the final year of school, a height and weight screening. You will always be asked for your consent. Our linked nurse is also responsible for promoting good health and supports our Health and RSE programmes, especially in Years 5 and 6.