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Matched Giving


Many companies will support charities through a Matched Giving Scheme. This is a scheme whereby companies match gifts donated by their employees pound for pound up to a certain amount (usually up to £1000). There are certain important features to consider, and each of these programs is slightly different:

  • They usually run from year to year, but the start point and end point may differ (January to December, July to June)
  • Most of these programs have a cap, usually £500 or £1000 per calendar year;
  • They may require different efforts from employees in order to match the funds raised:
    • Some require the employee to donate money to a charity and the company would match that donation;
    • Some require the employee to just be involved in a fund raising activity, and the company would match the funds raised in that particular activity – as an example, a parent is involved in a Quizz night, the Fete, the Xmas fayre – and as part of that raises funds. The company will match those funds. This was used by the RKS Fete team in 2019 and by the RKS Fete team in the Darts event in 2022.
    • Some require the employ to have engaged in particular fundraising events – for example, run a marathon to raise money, and this money is matched
    • Some of these programs exclude specific sectors, like education or healthcare.


The key is to see if your employer has a program, and what it specifically allows for. Both the PTA and the Fete team have people who are experienced in this and know what you need to ask for.

The following companies in the United Kingdom are those that we understand currently match gifts donated by their employees. You can download this list by clicking here.


  1. 3i
  2. 3i Deutschland GmbH
  3. Abbey National plc
  4. ABN Amro Bank Accenture
  5. Alliance & Leicester plc
  6. Alliance Capital Ltd American Express Amoco Foundation, Inc
  7. Andersen
  8. Argos plc
  9. AstraZeneca
  10. Bank of America
  11. Bank of England
  12. Bank of Scotland
  13. Barclays Bank plc
  14. Barclays Capital Barclays Group
  15. BOC Group plc
  16. Boston Consulting Group BP
  17. Bradford and Bingley plc
  18. Bristol-Myers Squibb
  19. British Telecommunications plc
  20. Cable & Wireless
  21. C & A Stores
  22. Camelot Group plc
  23. Capital International Research Centrica plc
  24. Chase Manhattan Citibank Group
  25. Coutts Bank
  26. Credit Suisse First Boston
  27. De La Rue
  28. Deloitte Consulting
  29. Dentons
  30. Deutsche Bank
  31. DHL
  32. Dixons Group
  33. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
  34. EMI Group plc
  35. Ernst & Young
  36. Exxon Mobil
  37. GlaxoSmithKline plc
  38. Goldman Sachs
  39. Guardian Royal Exchange plc
  40. HSBC
  41. Invensys
  42. JPMorgan & Co Inc
  43. Kingfisher plc KPMG
  44. Littlewoods Organisation
  45. McKinsey & Co
  46. Merrill Lynch
  47. Mercury
  48. Microsoft Corporation Inc
  49. Moody's Investors Services Ltd
  50. Morgan Stanley
  51. National Grid Transco
  52. National Power plc
  53. National Westminster Bank plc
  54. Northern Electric plc
  55. Norwich Union plc
  56. Pearson
  57. Pfizer
  58. Proctor & Gamble
  59. Reuters
  60. Robert Fleming & Co
  61. Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc
  62. Schroders plc
  63. Scottish and Southern Energy plc
  64. Seaboard
  65. Shell
  66. Sigma Securities
  67. SIT Investment Associates Foundation
  68. Sky Broadcasting
  69. Stagecoach Holdings plc
  70. Standard & Poor’s
  71. Tesco plc
  72. Texaco
  73. Thames Water
  74. The Economist Group
  75. UBS
  76. Vodafone
  77. Warner Music International
  78. William M Mercer