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Pupil Committees


At The Royal Kent School, Pupil Leadership is a very important part of school life. We are lucky to have pupils who are caring and confident; they want to help the school get even better for all the children here, and enjoy thinking of ways to do this. As well as thinking about inside our school, they like to think about the wider world too.

We have created five different Pupil Committees to help us evaluate and improve different aspects of school life. We hope that over their time in the school, all pupils will take part in at least one Pupil Committee and through their leadership, help make an impact on the school, and sometimes on the wider world.

It is easy to spot the members of our Pupil Committees throughout our school community as they are each awarded a special badge to wear!

You can meet this year's Pupil Committees in the 29th September 2023 newsletter.


Young Leaders: Our School Council

As well as having opportunities to lead on their own learning in classes, there are many chances for pupils to lead across the school. When there is a project that the school are working on, or an idea to be thought of, you can rely on the Young Leaders!

Over the year, these children will  be a link between their classes and the Senior Leadership Team, act as ambassadors for the school and help organise whole school charity and fundraising events.

Two pupils from each class from Reception to Year 6 take part in the Young Leaders' Committee.


Ignite: Our Spiritual Committee

As a Church of England School which promotes Christian Values and opportunities for children to reflect on the spiritual aspect of their lives, we are supported by our pupils to help us evaluate what we do and how we could do it better. This committee helps us to find out how RKS encourages pupils’ discovery of God the creator,  of their ‘innermost  being’ and of the wonder of the environment.  

Over the year, the children will focus on whole school initiatives as well as reflecting on key questions of meaning and truth, helping at Church Services and developing a prayer space at school.

Two pupils from each class from Year 1 to Year 6 take part in the Ignite Committee.


Eco Champions: Our Environment Committee

There are a range of different issues involved in this area of school development, such as sustainability, healthy living and energy use. We are very lucky that our school is set in beautiful grounds and this committee also has an important role in promoting care for the environment.

Over the year, the children will help to plan activities for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) week in the Spring term, evaluate  the work of the school in many different areas and work together to tackle different issues.

Two pupils from each class from Year 1 to Year 6 take part in the Eco Champions' Committee.


Digital Leaders: Our Computing Committee

Digital Leaders work closely with our Deputy Headteacher to promote computing within the school and ensure that all classes are getting the most out of our computing resources. 

They often create videos to promote different events that we are taking part in at school.

Our Key Stage 2 classes (Year 3 to Year 6) take part in the Digital Leaders' Committee.


Library Committee: Our Pupil Librarians

Our librarians do a very important job - they look after our school library (which is located in the resources room) and open it at lunchtime once a week. This means that children across the school can join us to take out a book, talk to the librarians about what to read next and sit with us to read!

They also work with our English leader Miss Webber to think about how to promote reading across the school.

Unlike other committees, our library committee is only made up of Year 6 pupils.