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Concerns/ Complaints


Most concerns or potential complaints are best settled by a discussion with a member of staff before reaching the complaint stage.


Who should I contact?

In many cases when parents have a concern, they think the most appropriate first step is to contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss it. However, for the vast majority of issues involving your child at school, their class teacher is the appropriate initial contact. The member of staff who has been contacted (usually class teacher) should be given a reasonable period to time to investigate the situation, respond and put appropriate strategies in place.

Type of concern

Who to contact

Educational matters Class teachers, Phase Leader of your child’s Key Stage
Pastoral care Class teachers, SENCo
Disciplinary matters Class teachers, Phase Leader of your child’s Key Stage, the staff member who initiated the sanction
Financial/Administration matters School Office, School Business Manager
Complaint about a staff member’s conduct  The staff member themselves, or where this is thought inappropriate/ does not resolve the situation, their line manager should be approached.


If you are unsure about how to contact a member of staff, or who the most appropriate person to contact is, please get in touch with the School Office, who will be able to advise you.

In the rare situation that you find your concerns are not resolved, please refer to the following information.


Surrey CC complaints procedures (further information available from the Surrey CC website)

The following is a summary of the process, please refer to the policy below for full details.

Stage 1 - Investigation by the Headteacher/ designated member of SLT

Stage 2 - Investigation by the Chair of Governors/Nominated Governor

Stage 3 - Complaint Review Panel

Other types of complaints

However, if your complaint relates to the way the school has handled an issue around:

  • Child Protection/Safeguarding
  • Admission to School
  • Pupil Exclusion
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) 


Please ring the Surrey County Council Contact Centre on 03456 009 009 and they will put you in touch with the appropriate team who will advise you further.

Please find below some key documents relating to complaints:

Complaints policy