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Concerns/ Complaints

Most concerns or potential complaints are best settled by a discussion with a member of staff before reaching the complaint stage.

Who should I contact?

Educational matters: Class teachers, phase leader of your child’s Key Stage

Pastoral care: Class teachers, SENCo

Disciplinary matters: Class teachers, phase leader of your child’s Key Stage, the staff member who initiated the sanction

Financial/Administration matters: School Office, School Business Manager

Complaint about a staff member’s conduct: direct approach to the staff member themselves, or where this is thought inappropriate/ does not resolve the situation, their line manager should be approached.

In the rare circumstances that you find the issues are not resolved, please refer to the following information.



Surrey CC complaints procedures (further information available from the Surrey CC website)

The following is a summary of the process, please refer to the policy below for full details.

Stage 1 - Investigation by the Headteacher/ designated member of SLT

Contact the Headteacher or another member of the Senior Leadership Team by arranging an appointment to discuss the matter or put your concern in writing. The Headteacher/ SLT member will investigate your concerns and respond.

Stage 2 - Investigation by the Chair of Governors/Nominated Governor

If the Headteacher/ SLT member has been unable to resolve the issues to your satisfaction, complete a Stage 2 Complaint Form (available from the school office, the complaints policy below or downloadable forms section of the school website) and return it to the Chair of Governors c/o the school. The Chair of Governors or nominated governor will investigate and respond.

Stage 3 - Complaint Review Panel

 In order to proceed to Stage 3, the complainant must complete the Stage 3 Formal Complaints Form (Appendix E in the complaints policy), identifying the reasons why they feel that the complaint has not been fully investigated thus far, which element(s) of their complaint remain unresolved, and what outcome they are seeking from the Stage 3 Complaint Review. The aim of the Complaint Review Panel meeting is to review how the school has managed the complaint, not to reinvestigate the complaint itself.  

Further action

If you feel that the governing body has acted unreasonably in the handling of the complaint you can complain to the Department for Education after the procedure has been completed.

Ofsted will also consider complaints about schools. You can contact Ofsted if you feel that a school is not run properly and needs inspecting. Ofsted will not look into problems with individual students. This course of action is only available if the school complaints procedure has already been followed.

Unreasonable complaints

For the definition of unreasonable complaints please see the school’s complaints policy. If a complainant’s behavior causes an unreasonable level of disruption we may specify methods of communication and limit the number of contacts using a communication plan.

If you ever see anything which concerns you whilst at school from a health and safety perspective, please bring it to the attention of the staff immediately.

Other types of complaints

However, if your complaint relates to the way the school has handled an issue around:

  • Child Protection/Safeguarding
  • Admission to School
  • Pupil Exclusion
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Please ring the Surrey County Council Contact Centre on 03456 009 009 and they will put you in touch with the appropriate team who will advise you further.

Please find below some key documents relating to complaints:

Complaints policy