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Chestnut Class Home Learning - Spring term 2021

 Friday 15th January

Today's daily plan link is here: Friday 15th January

 We have our grammar group session this afternoon.

Resources you may need for today: 

Maths  link:

Extra activity Multiplying by 10

 Art link: 

 Powerpoint Stone Age Cave painting

Design idea sheet  Stone Age design idea sheet



Thursday 14th January

You will find the daily plan here: Thursday 14th January

Resources you may need for today:


Yellow and green groups

Red and blue groups

 History links:

Video 1

Video 2



Wednesday 13th January

You will find the daily plan here:   Wednesday 13th January

Resources you may need for today:

 This afternoon we have our maths group sessions  and below is a link to the task.

Group work activity



Tuesday 12th January

You will find the daily plan here: Tuesday 12th January

Resources you may need for today:

English links:

Lesson 5

Disgusting food pictures

If you would like more inspiration for words to describe disgusting food have a search on google.

Maths links:



Answers for the worksheet

For this afternoon's focus groups:

Yellow group :  Captain Blackbeard

Green, red and blue groups:  Ambush

Science links:

Nutrient powerpoint

Worksheet 1 nutrient needs

Worksheet 2 nutrients needed by humans



Monday 11th January

 You will find the daily plan here Monday 11th January

Resources you may need for today:

Maths :




English :

lesson 4

 Life Skills link to the topic:

Weekly timetable:

Tuesday afternoon: reading

Wednesday afternoon: maths

Friday afternoon: grammar


Other activities for this week:


If you are already a free reader, please remember to continue reading a variety of different genres and authors.

If you are reading banded books, you can access more (for free) on the Oxford Owl website. You will need to sign up for it. Visit:

Surrey Libraries are offering the opportunity for 'click and collect'. You can sign up and browse their website for books that interest you.



You can click here for some handwriting spelling sheets


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar:

You will find a prefix exercise allocated for you on