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Butterflies' class Home Learning - Spring term 2021

Monday 18th January:

Good morning Butterflies Class, here is the plan for the day.

Resources for Maths:

Video link

whiterose sheet 10x table

10x table extension questions

 Resources for literacy:

 Video link

Resources for topic:

Video link

Transport sorting activity


Other Information for this week:

Groups: Here are the resources for the group sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please do not complete activities prior to the group sessions.

Tuesday: Maths          Division-sharing        Group 1: sheet 1                 Group 2: sheet 2                  Group 3 and 4: sheet 3

Wednesday: Reading      Comprehension Chinese New Year

Thursday: Writing           Past tense sentences


Other activities for the week:

Homework booklet for this half term-here you will find the spelling lists for this half term, along with pages for spelling tests and other homework activities.

Mindfulness activities

Handwriting booklet of first 100 high frequency words

MyMaths activities on division and multiplication

Any literacy and maths games on



If you need more colour banded books please see 

You will need to register to read the books but it is free to do so. If you are a free reader you can read any books you have at home. Audio books are great too. 



This week we are working on words with an ing suffix.

Any activities from phonicsplay phases 5 and 6