The Royal Kent School

A Church of England Primary School

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School Closures 2020

The Royal Kent School opened after the summer on Wednesday 2nd September with the systems outlined in the following documents in place.  The school’s planning is subject to review and change at any point according to any changes in national or local guidance/ the school’s needs. 

Following a successful partial reopening in the summer term, we know that children and parents will be largely familiar with the systems that we have put in place to mitigate risks and manage school organisation at this time. 

The first document below aims to summarise the key information that parents need to know in order to support their child, and the school, with full reopening in September. The document begins with the main ‘headlines’, followed with some further detail from page 3 onwards. The full plan is available in the second document.

If you would like to read the Department for Education’s guidance, which our planning is based on, please click here.

School reopening - summary information for parents

School reopening - full plan for RKS  


When a positive Covid-19 case is identified in the school, we will work with Public Health England to identify next steps, which are likely to be class closures.